Saudi Arabia Fails To Criticize The US For The Embassy Move

Saudi Arabia released an automated condemnation of Israeli killings of Palestinian protesters, however, failed to denounce the core reason of the protests.

In less than a day, Israeli forces ruthlessly killed dozens of Palestinians and wounded thousands others during protests in the Gaza Strip.

The deadly use of force easily qualifies as a human rights atrocity, however, it is a well-documented fact that Israel doesn't seem to care much about human rights when it comes to Palestinian protesters.

The death toll has been extraordinarily high. In less than a day, Israeli firepower killed almost 60 Palestinians, the deadliest day in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the 2014 bombing of Gaza.

The international community largely condemned the violence. Well, largely, except the United States, which is, in essence, responsible for the protests occurring in Gaza.

The Trump administration's decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem has sparked further unrest between Israelis and Palestinians.

Now, the U.S., the so-called bastion of human rights, is stuck in between choosing to support its ally or support humanity.

However, it's not just the U.S., another country is facing somewhat a similar situation.  

Saudi Arabia condemned the violence in Gaza in a statement released by the Saudi foreign ministry.

"Saudi Arabia strongly condemns the Israeli occupation forces' gunfire against unarmed Palestinian civilians which has left dozens of dead and wounded," said a spokesperson.

However, the statement failed to address the core issue that sparked the violence in the first place, thereby, making it more an automated condemnation.

So, why would Riyadh be reluctant to address the U.S. embassy move?

While Saudi Arabia does not recognize Israel as a legitimate state, the Gulf kingdom is a U.S. ally. In fact, the current Saudi de-facto leader, Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is chummy with the Trump administration, especially with Trump's son-in-law and top adviser, Jared Kushner, primarily because there is trade and business at stake.

It is important to mention here that Kushner, along with his wife, Trump's daughter and another top adviser, Ivanka Trump, represented the U.S. in Jerusalem during the inauguration of the new American embassy, which is being opened in defiance of the international law and further legitimizes Israeli military occupation of Palestinian territories.

Therefore, while Saudi Arabia condemned the loss of life in Gaza, Riyadh carefully avoided criticizing the embassy move, to avoid irking the Trump administration.

When it comes to human rights and trade, it's clear which side Saudi Arabia is willing to choose.

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