Man Catches Fire While Burning Down Woman’s Car In Saudi Arabia

"What's with men burning down women's cars!!" said an online user about yet another incident in Saudi Arabia of a man setting fire to a woman’s car.


Earlier this week, a man in Saudi Arabia tried to set fire to a car that belonged to his father’s ex-wife. But, the attempted arson went horribly wrong when the man ended up catching fire himself.

The incident was captured on CCTV cameras and soon went viral on social media.

Initially, the vast majority thought the horrific act was yet another example of bigotry and intolerance for women sitting behind the wheel, thanks to the recently lifted driving ban in ultra-conservative Gulf Kingdom.

Just last month, another Saudi woman, who was just exercising her right to drive, was stopped short when her car was torched deliberately by men “opposed to women drivers.”

But in this particular case, the victim said the attack was prompted by problems related with her jilted ex-husband.

"I had doubts that my husband and his family were after me because two cars were previously burned down near my house. One belonged to my father, the other to my uncle. This is why I had CCTV cameras installed outside the place," she said.

In the previous two cases, the woman couldn’t file any complaints due to an absence of proof. But this time, the criminal act was captured on video, where the son of her ex-husband could be seen setting the vehicle ablaze and in the process also catching fire himself.

However, he did manage to drive away from the scene.

Without wasting any time, the woman filed a complaint against the suspect, and the authorities managed to identify and locate him. The defendant was hospitalized due to the injuries he incurred while trying to burn down the car.

Nevertheless, the police reassured the victim he would be charged once he had recovered.

Predictably, people on social media were shocked by the blatant act of violence.

“So if you burn down your ex-wife's car, will that calm the hate and illness inside of you? Disgusting," commented one online user.

“I am so annoyed by him. He's sick! No matter what things have gotten between you two, it doesn't give you the right to get revenge like this. You burned down her car and her father's car. Nothing is more regressive," wrote another.

Many pointed out how such instances highlight the glaring misogyny in the Middle East, where entitled men don’t hesitate from disrupting women’s lives.


Unfortunately, sexism is a huge problem all across the world.

Meanwhile, people also called on the country’s authorities to take the strictest of actions against the suspect.

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