Saudi Arabia Deports Expat For Wearing Shorts To Women-Only Gym

"Regardless of his nationality, it's unfair for him to be deported over wearing shorts. He was in a gym, what he was wearing was normal,” said an online user.


Up until now, we have heard about the most unusual prohibitions women in ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia have to deal with almost every day from taking a ride on public transportation to choosing a husband.

However, it now appears even the men in the Gulf Kingdom need to be extra careful about something as basic as choosing what to wear.

Case in point: An expat is reportedly being deported by the country’s Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

His reported offense? He entered a women-only waiting area at a fitness center wearing a pair of shorts.

The man’s image was uploaded on Twitter by a user known as Lamo, who claimed the females were shocked to see the man walk in the waiting area of the gym, because the job they applied for was in a women-only fitness center.

The photo soon went viral on social media and most Saudis appeared completely outraged by the incident.


"A women-only gym, why did men go in and they're also expats! They don't care about anything by using us for financial, moral and... other gains," commented one user.

Many of them were particularly upset about his “revealing” choice of clothing.

"I think shorts reflect ill-manners, it's disrespectful to wear them," posted one user.

"He had no right to do this," said another.

"I go to a mix-gender gym and those who enroll there know that it's attended by both men and women beforehand,” commented another. “But in this case, it's a women-only space, so how did a man go in and completely disregard the rules?"

One of the commentators went a little too far and suggested expat’s public prosecution.

"These expats and everyone responsible for this health club must be referred to public prosecution," they wrote.

However, apart from having a problem with his choice of clothing, the women sitting in the waiting area for the job interview claimed he treated them quite arrogantly.

Ministry officials took notice of the matter and launched an investigation. As a result, it was concluded the health club violated the kingdom’s rule and was closed down.

However, the man, who’s only fault was wearing shorts like many other gym-goers, will reportedly get “punished” and “deported” by the authorities.

There were also handful of social media users who thought the ensuing outrage and the punishment was completely uncalled for.

"If he were Saudi you wouldn't have taken his picture... a regressed, racist population. You made people hate us, no humanity or feelings," commented an online user named Asma.

"Regardless of his nationality, it's unfair for him to be deported over wearing shorts. He was in a gym, what he was wearing was normal. May God help him," said another. 

Though the man could have been mindful about the fact he was walking in a room of women whose exposure and interaction with the opposite sex is highly limited, it definitely is a little too harsh to criminalize him over of a pair of shorts–which in most parts of the world are completely normal wear for gyms.

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