Saudi Cleric Says Women Shouldn’t Complain About Polygamist Husbands

Saudi cleric said in an interview that it is unacceptable for women to call polygamy prohibited, because religion allows it – but theory says otherwise.

Saudi Arabia

A Saudi cleric made a controversial statement in an interview to a local TV channel when asked about polygamy.

Saudi cleric Saad Al Khathlan said that women shouldn’t call their polygamous husbands “cheaters." In fact, he said it was prohibited in Islam for wives to call out their polygamous husbands when they betray them.

 "God permitted men to take more than one wife. Therefore, describing polygamy as a form of betrayal means a person is objecting to God's sharia. Cheating can be used to describe illicit relationships and adultery, things that God prohibited," he said

"Unfortunately, this rhetoric has spread in several Muslim communities. They believe that polygamists are unfaithful even though God permitted polygamy for men who are able to treat their wives equally," he added.

However, the religious theory for marrying more than one woman differs.

What the cleric conveniently forgot to mention was that in Islam, a man needs to take the permission from his first wife to marry once again. If she agrees, only then can he go ahead with his second marriage provided he can keep both of the women equally happy and treat them fairly.

But if the first wife says no the husband is not permitted to marry again. Therefore when a man marries a second woman without his wife’s consent, it can only be termed as a betrayal. Islam does not unconditionally allow men to marry more than once and this has been mentioned in the Quran.

The Quranic verse that speaks about polygamy is believed to have been revealed after a battle in which many Muslim men lost their lives leaving behind their families with no support. Which means the system of marrying more than once was introduced mainly to safeguard orphans and widows.

Men are allowed to marry in these circumstances, provide they treat all their wives fairly.

All these concepts prove that Al Khathlan’s theory of polygamy is made up in an effort to support men who married more than one woman without their first wife’s consent.

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