Saudi Father Ordered To Return His Daughter He Kept Hostage

A Saudi father is being tried in High Court for allegedly kidnapping his daughter from Wales and keeping her locked inside home, sometimes in a cage.

Update: Al-Jeffrey's father was ordered by a high-court judge to return his daughter he held captive, to the United Kingdom by September 11, The Guardian reported.

The 21-year-old said that her father held her captive in his home because she "kissed a guy."

James Holman, also known as Mr Justice Holman, said, "All in all, Amina has been prevented from functioning as an independent adult," he ruled. "Amina is a citizen of Saudi Arabia, where these constraints may be acceptable under the law of Saudi Arabia. But she's also a British subject where it's totally unacceptable, and I find it represents a severe curtailment of her freedom."

A woman born in Wales was allegedly kidnapped by her Saudi father and is being held kept captive by him, according to Jeddah’s High Court this week.

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The High Court was told that a 21-year-old woman is being held in captivity by her father, The Independent reports.

Amina Al-Jeffery, a dual British-Saudi citizen, was forcibly taken by her father Mohammed Al-Jeffery, 62, from her home in Wales when she was 17.

She is being severely mistreated under her present circumstances, allegedly kept locked in a cage whenever her father leaves the home. She also suffers physical abuse including poor nutrition and diet.

Her attorney, Anne-Marie Hutchinson, of the Academy of Family Lawyers, expressed concern that as a typical Welsh girl, she wishes to return home and regain control of her life. Hutchinson said, “She is a normal Welsh girl and still has her Welsh accent. She wants to return home so she can have control of her own life and make her own choices.”

Apparently, Al-Jeffery’s father did not approve of her life choices when deciding to forcibly take her to his home country four years ago. While it may be culturally acceptable to expect your daughter to agree to an arranged marriage, to subject her to domestic abuse in attempt to control her behavior is inhumane.  

Al-Jeffrey should not have to suffer such humiliation and degradation no matter how strict her father may be. As a 21-year-old adult, she is being held illegally against her own will and will hopefully be able to soon return to her home in Wales and heal from her abusive experiences. 

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