Saudi Man Names His Daughter After Ivanka Trump For A Bizarre Reason

A man in Saudi Arabia skips common names in the kingdom to choose Ivanka, as he’s inspired by the POTUS.

A Saudi father has come into the public eye after he decided to name his daughter Ivanka in honor of Donald Trump.

Salem Amer Salem Al-Ayashi Al-Anzi, whose daughter was born in the city of Arar, has registered the unique name with the Ministry of Health at the Women and Children Hospital.

The news immediately received widespread attention on social media and Whatsapp after Arab News published a picture of the baby girl’s birth certificate. While some people thought the name was unique, others suspected that it may cause the child social problems at a later stage in life.


According to Arab News, Anzi was determined to name his child Ivanka after his co-workers told him it would not be allowed by the Saudi government. He now saw the unique name as a challenge and decided not to step back.

The proud father, who will now also be known as Abu Ivanka, apparently admires President Donald Trump’s leadership. 

He claims that the POTUS had taken revenge for “innocent children” by firing “70 missiles” at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He further added that he was looking forward to Trump visiting Saudi Arabia.

Interestingly, the Saudi father is absolutely misinformed and mistaken about Trump’s role in Syria. The POTUS actually carried out 59 missile attacks on the country that resulted in the deaths of dozens of civilians and left several helpless people injured. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross also had the audacity to term the deadly attacks as “after dinner entertainment.”

“The thing was, it didn’t cost the president anything to have that entertainment,” he added.

Although the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has banned several foreign names such as Linda and Elaine, and did not allow parents to call their children names likes Malek, Malika and Sumuw, Ivanka has no religious or political implications.

Since Anzi’s co-workers were so impressed at Anzi's success at naming the baby Ivanka, they threw a grand baby shower for the infant and showered her with a variety of gifts.

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