In A First, Female Anchor Delivers Nightly Newscast In Saudi Arabia

The anchor made history by becoming the first female news anchor to deliver the nightly news bulletin on a state-owned channel of the country.



A woman in Saudi Arabia just made history by becoming the first female anchor to deliver the nightly newscast on a state-owned channel of the country.

Weam Al Dakheen presented the 9:30 pm news bulletin on Saudi TV Channel 1. She was joined by another co-anchor, Omar Al Nashwan.

This isn’t the first time that a female delivered news on a TV Channel — earlier, Jumanah Al-Shami delivered the morning news in the country in 2016 and now Al Dakeel repeated history by delivering the nightly news bulletin.

“Jumanah AlShami was the first woman to present morning newscasts in 2016. Today history repeats itself as Weam Al Dakheel becomes the presenter of the main nightly newscast, setting a precedent in a historic first for Saudi TV 1,” Channel1 wrote on its Twitter handle.

The move of appointing a female for the nightly news comes as a result of King Muhammad bin Salman vision of modernizing the country. KSA has been opening new avenues for women in the workforce with modernizing reforms.

However, it seems this is just a façade for the benefit of liberal countries and the fight for female empowerment is far from over.

Not long ago, a female television reporter Shireen al-Rifaie’s was reporting about the historic act of lifting the driving ban on women in the country. However, while she was filming, the wind blew and her abaya ( a traditional lose fit robe women in Saudi are required to wear) opened. This revealed the clothes that she was wearing inside – a white blouse and trousers.

Apparently this was unacceptable for the Saudi authorities and they launched an investigation against her. She was working for a Saudi channel which was Dubai-based.

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