Police Arrest Men Over 'Gay Wedding Video' In Saudi Arabia

In the clip, a group of people spray two men with confetti as they walk down the aisle. One of them appears to be wearing a bridal veil.



Police in Saudi Arabia have reportedly arrested several men for appearing in a video of what is believed to be a gay wedding at a resort in Mecca.

In the clip, two men, one of them wearing a white bridal veil, can be seen walking together on a carpet in an outdoor setting as people spray them with confetti.  

Almost everyone identified as a participant in the video has been arrested and the case has been forwarded to prosecutors, BBC reports.

The police did not release the names of the men or specified the charges they faced.

Saudi authorities released a statement on Twitter. It reads: "The man said people attending the event were surprised when a few young men entered the place and tried to perform a 'gay wedding scene.' The police were told one of the men appeared to be a cross-dresser."

Since Saudi Arabia is an ultraconservative Islamic country, it doesn't recognize the LGBT community. Homosexuality is a punishable offense. In fact, the Gulf kingdom also penalizes cross-dressing - even if it occurs online.

Last February, Saudi police arrested over 30 members of the transgender community. At least, two of them died in detention after allegedly being tortured.

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