Saudi General Gives Middle Finger To Crowd That Wanted To Arrest Him

“He shouldn't be welcomed and treated like a dignitary; he should be arrested and investigated for war crimes.”

A peace activist attempted to put a Saudi general under citizen's arrest in London, United Kingdom, for his part in the Yemen war.

Major General Ahmad al-Asiri was approached by Sam Walton demanding that his guards allow him to conduct the arrest. Asiri, who is an adviser in the Saudi defense ministry and a spokesman for the now two-year war in Yemen against the Houthi movement, is in London to speak at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

During the arrest attempt, the major general’s guards pushed Walton away so he could make his way into the building. Asiri also shouted at the crowd and was caught on camera pointing the middle finger at them.


The general arrived at the roundtable meeting with egg stains on his suit. He explained to the panel that he was delayed by “people who did not differentiate between protesting and attacking.”

After the incident, Walton demanded that Asiri not be welcomed in the U.K.

“Asiri represents a regime that has killed thousands in Yemen and shown a total contempt for international law. He shouldn't be welcomed and treated like a dignitary; he should be arrested and investigated for war crimes.”

“The U.K. government has blood on its hands and we need to do everything we can to stop the transfer of weapons and show these sales are illegitimate. By providing weapons and support, Britain is deeply complicit in Saudi war-crimes, and it's vital that we bring an end to this immoral, abhorrent trade,” Walton said. 

The conflict in Yemen, which has devastated the country, has so far claimed more than 10,000 lives. According to a U.N. report, more than 18 million people are suffering from famine and lack of basic supplies.

However, the Saudi spokesman for the Yemen-led war denied allegations that Saudi Arabia had indulged in war crimes in the Yemen war. He further added that the country’s attacks were in defense of its borders, which were being bombed by Yemeni forces.

Last year, Asiri claimed that Saudi forces had not used cluster bombs. However, the Saudi-led coalition later admitted they had been used in Yemen.


Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Khaled Abdullah

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