Saudi Bakery Trusts Its Customers So Much, It Doesn’t Have Cashiers

The bakery owner has done away with cashiers and uses a trust box instead.

A bakery in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, got rid of all its cashiers and is now testing the honesty of customers who buy products from the store. The owner Ghazi Hassan Tass has placed a “trust box” in the bakery, where customers put in any amount they like after picking up their desired items.

There are no monitors or cameras in the shop, and even the employees at the store do not look at people picking up products and depositing money. “Take what you want, and pay what you want”, is the policy behind the practice at the bakery.

“I wanted to try this idea: Can we really trust people? And oh my God, people proved that they deserve to be trusted. And for those who can’t afford to buy it, it’s for free,” Tass said about his policy.

After a year and a half of experimenting, the idea has proved to be a success, as the store owner has reported that when he opens the box every month, he often finds the amount close to what it would have been even if a cashier was present. In fact, after the business got rid of its cashier, it experienced a rise in net income.

In this day and age, where racism and hate crime is on the rise and people are dying of hunger in other parts of the world due to poverty, people like Tass are the ones who keep the society intact. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Russell Cheyne

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