Saudi Man Dyes His Beard Pink In Support Of His Wife Battling Cancer

Samer Kurdi also launched a campaign in the name of his wife Dema to spread awareness about breast cancer.



A man in Saudi Arabia has dyed part of his beard pink and shaved his head in support of his wife, who is battling cancer.

Samer Kurdi, a businessman based in Jeddah, posted images of himself with a newly dyed pink beard with the hashtag #SuperDema, named after his wife, Dema, to help spread awareness about the illness.

As per Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health, "Breast cancer tops the list of the most common cancers in women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by a rate of about 28% compared to the rest of the cancer types in women and 13% of cancers between sexes."

And while there are breast cancer awareness programs in the country, discussing breast cancer is more or less a taboo.

"Society at large is private when it comes to the health issue," Dr. Modia Batterjee, a Saudi physician and breast health and lactation specialist, from Riyadh told The New Arab in 2015. "Due to cultural barriers, discussing cancer is not a subject most are comfortable with.

Many have offered praise to Kurdi for his bold support.

"Social media users mostly hailed the move as a strong public reaction by a loving husband in a society where men do not tend to show affection publicly," Gulf News reported.

Some people expressed solidarity with Kurdi's message and also dyed their beards pink.





Gulf News reported there were some people who also criticized Kurdi, saying his step isn't going to help cure his wife. However, the negative comments were mostly overshadowed by a lot more others who support his initiative, including people who are battling cancer.


Translation (courtesy StepFeed): "We as cancer patients continue to live because of the support form people around us. I urge everyone who has never experienced chemotherapy before, to not criticize this initiative and leave the commenting for positive people who love God and life!"

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