Saudi Man Brutally Beats Foreign Worker At A Gas Station With A Stick

In the video, the worker can be seen waiting for quite a while for the driver to respond before knocking on the window of the car.

Yet another case of labor abuse has emerged from Saudi Arabia.

Surveillance cameras at a gas station in the northwest city of Hail captured the moment when a young Saudi man viciously beat up a worker with a stick.

In the video, the worker finishes filling the car with fuel. He then waits behind the front door of the car to request the due payment. However, the driver does not respond and the car doesn’t move.

Eventually, the worker knocks on the window several times and tries to open the door. It was then when the driver comes out and almost immediately starts hitting him.

After slapping the station employee several times, the owner of the car takes out a baton-like stick from his vehicle and brutally beats the defenseless worker.

The video prompted backlash from social media users inside and outside of the Gulf kingdom, demanding punishment for the unidentified attacker who has reportedly been arrested by Saudi police. He currently awaits charges.

The incident also renewed the well-documented debate over labor abuse in Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Arab countries.

Despite a large number of expat workers currently working in Saudi Arabia — about a quarter of the nation’s population of some 30 million — the country has a very unhealthy relationship with its migrant workforce.

“Over 9 million migrant workers fill manual, clerical and service jobs, constituting more than half the labor force,” stated a Human Rights Watch 2015 World Report, adding that female domestic workers are mostly overworked and suffer forced confinement, non-payment of wages, food deprivation as well as psychological, physical and sexual abuse.

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