Saudi Arabia Mulls Ban On Men Wearing White Undershirts In Public

The ultraconservative kingdom is notorious for imposing strict dress codes, especially on women. However, this ban is meant for men.



A top religious authority in Saudi Arabia is mulling a ban on men that would prohibit them from wearing "indecent" clothing in public.

The country's formal advisory body, known as the Shura Council, has deemed "fanila," a type of undershirt, and "sirwal," a form of baggy trousers, as inappropriate attire for men, according to local Saudi newspaper Al Riyadh.

The ban is part of legislation, proposed by Shura Council member Fayez Abdullah Al Shehri, now under consideration, that aims to protect "public taste and sentiment."

If passed into law, law-enforcement authorities will be allowed to slap fines on and/or jail any individual dressed in the banned garments.

Saudi Arabia is notorious for its dress codes on women. However, men are also subjected to a number of regulations when it comes to dressing in public.

While the conservative kingdom legally requires women to wear long robes, known as an “abaya,” and cover their heads, men are required to wear clothes that are modest. Even certain haircuts, such as mohawks, are not allowed. Men are not allowed to wear any jewelry except for a ring, not gold, and wrist watch. Traditionally, Saudi men wear a white thobe and red-checked keffiyeh.

Violation of dress code has not only landed women in trouble but also men. In June 2016, at least 50 Saudi men were detained over "un-Islamic" haircuts and necklaces.

Thumbnail Credits: Reuters/Faisal Al Nasser 

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