Saudi Prince Slams Donald Trump In A Combative Twitter Spat

The Republican presidential candidate’s online attack on his arch-nemesis Megyn Kelly seems to have backfired rather spectacularly.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s penchant for sharing ridiculously fake information on Twitter has once again landed him in trouble. However, this time around his ignorance and petulance seems to have irked a member of the Saudi Royal Family, Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal.

The Republican presidential hopeful was in the middle of his usual online blitzkrieg against his latest nemesis Megyn Kelly when he retweeted an incredibly fake photo featuring the Fox News host standing next to the Saudi magnate and a woman in traditional Islamic garb — purportedly the prince’s sister.

The doctored image erroneously described Talal as the “co-owner” of Fox News, encouraging people to “Google It!”


Unfortunately for Trump, other than being painfully Photoshopped, there were at least two other problems with the image.

First, the Saudi billionaire owns stakes in a number of American companies, including 21st Century Fox  the corporate parent of Fox News, which means the claim about him “co-owning” the company is more than a little misleading.

Second, the Republican probably forgot that he has already been in a Twitter spat with the said prince once before and that he isn’t the kind of person to sit back and ignore Trump’s conspiracy theories.

Last month, the Saudi tycoon had called the Republican presidential frontrunner a “disgrace” to the entire United States. This time, he responded with a laugh and reminded the New Yorker of some of the good times they shared in the past, particularly when the prince bailed him out  twice apparently.


It’s yet unclear about which incidents Talal is referring to in his tweet, though his response seems to have stumped Trump for the moment.

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