Saudi Prince Rents Pyramids For $40 Million To Pop The Question

The Saudi royal reportedly flew in 300 people to watch while he asked his girlfriend to marry him. But did she say “yes”?

Arab royals

Arab royals are notorious for excessive spending but one Saudi prince took things to whole new level by shelling out tens of millions of dollars to ask his girlfriend to marry him in Egypt.

The BBC reports an unnamed member of the Saudi royal family recently hired Egyptian pyramids and even flew in 300 people, including friends and members of his family, to celebrate the important moment of his life.

As lavish as it was, it was a private affair. The ancient structures were reportedly closed off to locals and tourists for some time. All in all, the proposal cost the royal a whopping $40 million.

This begs the question: Did the lady say “yes”?

Thankfully for the prince, she did.

Although the astonishingly expensive proposal was a small part of the BBC’s piece on “Quintessentially,” a U.K.-based concierge service, the story attracted a lot of attention online.

It’s not new for wealthy Arabs, especially Saudi royalty, to indulge in extravagant lifestyle choices both inside and outside of Saudi Arabia — and often getting into trouble for it. The most infamous example of this is of Saudi Princess Maha Al-Sudairi, ex wife of Saudi Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz. During a 2009 trip to Europe, the princess bought meals, jewels and expensive lingerie worth $20 million and tried to flee without picking up the tab.

Last March, Prince Nawaf al-Saud partied for four days on one of "the world's most expensive" yachts anchored at Bodrum on the Aegean coast — one of the most exclusive vacation spots in Turkey.

A few months later Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman reportedly bought a 440-foot yacht, worth approximately $500 million, on a whim, while vacationing in France during the same time he was introducing drastic austerity measures within his own country.

The unnamed Saudi prince is the latest addition to this list of extravagant spenders. 

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