Saudi Princess Claims Immunity After Ordering Bodyguard To Kill A Man

Princess Hassa, the only daughter of King Salman, claimed diplomatic immunity after allegedly ordering her bodyguard to execute a French painter.

King Salman

Authorities in France accuse a Saudi princess of ordering one of her bodyguards to murder a French decorator and painter with the words “You have to kill this dog, he doesn’t deserve to live.” They identified her as Princess Hassa, the only daughter of 80-year-old King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

The 42-year-old Saudi royal was reportedly present while her bodyguard tied the man up by and wrists and assaulted him for four hours. The painter was then made to kneel and kiss the princess’ feet before being kicked out of the building. He was apparently being punished for taking photographs of the princess’ Paris apartment in the 16th arrondissement after carrying out some work there.

Princess Hassa, known to frequent the French capital often, lives an extravagant lifestyle. She fled Paris after pleading diplomatic immunity. She also insisted she did nothing wrong.

Last week, the police arrested the 53-year-old bodyguard, who allegedly hit the victim over the head, and slapped him with criminal charges ranging from violence with a firearm to kidnapping. He told the court he undertook the minimum action necessary to “restrain” the painter after he was found taking pictures. At the time of the assault, the guard had also been carrying an automatic pistol, which is legal for diplomatic guards.

The guard also accused the Frenchman of intending to sell the photos of the flat to the media, but the judicial police claimed decorators taking snaps of their work are normal.

“There were more than 20 people in the apartments. How can the facts as outlined by the complainant have been overlooked?” said the bodyguard’s barrister Elie Hatem, disputing the painter’s account.

As the Le Point magazine reports, the victim also displayed bruises from the alleged attack consistent with his version of events when he reported it to police.

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