Saudi Woman's Stall Removed Over Flattering Comments For Soccer Player

In a video, the woman can be heard saying, ‘‘I am so lost in his eyes… come Mr. Beautiful Eyes. Come eat before anyone else does.’’

A Saudi woman's source of income was taken away from her after an online video showed her trying to flatter a soccer player at a heritage festival.

A woman who goes by Oum Nayef ("mother of Nayef") put up a food stall at the Majma’ah festival when she reportedly filmed herself complimenting a foreign soccer player and shared the video on Snapchat.

Oum Nayef can be heard in the video saying (in Arabic): "I am so lost in his eyes… come Mr. Beautiful Eyes. Come eat before anyone else does," as translated by Al Arabiya.

The video, however, set off a scorching round of criticism, with many accusing the woman of being "immodest."

A Twitter user, for instance, accused the woman of being "vulgar and immoral," according to the translation provided by StepFeed.

Another said Oum Nayef was "lusting over the opposite sex," and being "morally crude."

Online hate against the woman mounted to such an extent that her booth was removed from the festival.

The story even prompted a response from the director of public relations and media in the area, Moussaed Ghadir. While he defended the woman of being an "honorable old lady who has all the consideration and respect from everyone," he stated the Snapchat video was "unnecessary."

A lot of people called out authorities over the decision to remove the woman's stall, which, according to them, was a harsh punishment for something as innocuous as a Snapchat video. Others questioned if the same thing would have happened had a man complimented a woman.


Translation: "If it were Abu Nayef (man) instead of Oum Nayef (woman), would people's opinion still be the same?"



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