Saudi Student Faints Twice While Taking Exam, Then Dies Mysteriously

The student fainted twice, once while taking his final exam and then again, while he was being taken home in a car arranged by the school.



In an unexpectedly shocking turn of events, a healthy Saudi student suddenly died after taking his final exams.

Mu’ath Muslim Salloum al-Awfi, a student at Qais bin Saad Al Ansari high school in Medina, Saudi Arabia, fell unconscious twice in just a short time span. He fainted first in class while taking his final exam and then once again, while he was being taken home in a car arranged by the school. He was taken to the hospital quickly but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The doctor said the boy died of “natural causes” although they did not provide any details.

Al-Awfi’s parents were left in shock at their son’s sudden passing. His father reportedly said his son was healthy and did not suffer from any disease. He excelled in studies and achieved high grades — 90 percent — for the past three years of high school. The last thing the young boy said when he left home for school was to ask his mother to pray for him.

According to Al-Arabiya, Mu’ath was loved by his community. The boy was fond of cars. He wanted to be very successful but unfortunately, death came for him too soon.       

The head of the public administration for education in Medina, Nasser Abdul Karim, offered condolences to the student’s bereaved family members and performed prayers in the Prophet’s Mosque before the burial in Buqaiq al-Ghardaq.

The school principal, Mahal al-Awfi, told the local news channel, “The student Mu'ath was in good health and did not suffer from any disease, but he felt tired during the test of the Arabic language, the last test for the first semester.”

“He complained that he felt tired and when he fainted we called the paramedics. He asked to go back and finish his exam but we told him he will be re-assessed in the following semester. We arranged for him to return home and during his transfer by car, he fainted again so he was taken to the nearest hospital, where he died as soon as he arrived,” said the principal.

The school staff and the student’s parents and relatives were at the hospital and their statements were taken by the authorities.

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