Saudi Woman Allegedly Forces Filipino Maid To Drink Bleach

A Saudi woman is being accused of forcing her Filipino maid to drink bleach. The maid was taken to the hospital in a serious condition.


A woman who left the Philippines for a better source of income was hired by a Saudi woman as a maid. Tragically, she had to be hospitalized after her terrible employer reportedly forced her to drink bleach.

The victim, identified as Agnes Mancilla, had to go through an emergency abdominal surgery at a hospital in Jizan, Saudi Arabia. She was unconscious at the time of being admitted in the hospital. The horrific incident was revealed by the Filipino Foreign Ministry, which is now working to get justice for the worker.

"We are working closely with authorities in Jizan to make sure that justice will be given to Agnes Mancilla," stated the ministry. According to the authorities, Mancilla first started working in Saudi Arabia in 2016 and had been facing domestic abuse by her employer since then. The unnamed employer repeatedly physically assaulted her worker, the officials claimed, adding she also didn’t pay the woman’s salary.

According to the reports, Mancilla’s condition was serious. However, she was stable.

Her employer was arrested by the Saudi police.

Filipino maids have been facing domestic abuse at the hands of their wealthy employers, particularly in the Middle East, who treat them inhumanely.

In February, a Filipino maid was not only domestically abused, but also murdered by her employers in Kuwait. The heinous couple killed the woman and froze her body in the deep freezer. After this brutal incident, Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte was furious and called for all the workers to return back home, instead of being abused and assaulted by their employers. 

He also demanded to let the Filipino workers keep their mobile phones and passports while on duty, which are mostly confiscated by their employers.

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