Saudi Woman, Detained In Philippines, May Be Killed On Her Return

A video of a detained Saudi woman pleading for her life instantly creates a furor online.

A Saudi woman is reportedly detained at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Philippines. A video emerged on Twitter showing the desperate woman requests people help her.

According to the video, Dina Ali Lasoom arrived in Manila on a transit flight. However, airport officials took her passport away and prevented her from continuing her flight to Australia. She further adds she has been under detention for 13 hours and that she was fleeing to Australia to seek asylum. Apparently, she was detained just because she is a Saudi woman.

She also says that her family wants to kill her and if she returns back to her country she will die.


The Saudi Arabian Female Empowerment (SAFE) Movement also shared details of the detained Saudi woman.


According to the movement, Dina Ali fled Saudi Arabia to seek asylum in Australia after receiving death threats in Saudi Arabia.

The video created an instant stir online as soon as it was uploaded.  #SaveDinaAli also emerged on Twitter.








However, the Bureau of Immigration denied the detention claims.

“Our Port Operation chief said that we have not detained anybody with that name,” read a message sent out Antonette Mangrobang, the bureau’s spokeswoman.

Saudi Arabia’s discriminatory human rights are concerning as male guardianship system in the country remains intact. The system forbids women from obtaining a passport, marrying, traveling or accessing higher education without the approval of a male guardian. The male guardian usually is a husband, father, brother or son.

The current case of Dina Ali is an example how the mainstream media avoids such topics. It also shows how human rights, which give a person the basic right of freedom, liberty and equality, are violated in such cases. It is about time incidents like these are brought forward and talked about.   

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Susan Baaghil

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