Twitter Explodes In Support Of Saudi Woman Who Slapped Harasser

This woman’s response to an assault is a message to perverted men that if they make a move on a female, they should be prepared for retaliation.

A woman in Saudi Arabia took Twitter by storm after a video of her slapping a man was uploaded on the internet. The video shows a local man harassing the woman, in return for which he received a tight slap.


Now, a hashtag that translates to #WomanHitsHarasser is trending on Twitter as many people are applauding the woman for her guts.





However, one man was of the opinion that getting assaulted was the girls fault – had she stayed at home, she would have been safe.



Translation: “If she had stayed in her house, she wouldn't be hit or have to hit anyone, and no one would have harassed her ... When will these women understand!”


Translation: “#WomanHitsHarasser Whether I wear an abaya or not, you do not have the right to harass (me). Do not justify your animalistic instincts with (blaming) my personal freedom”


Translation: “I am bewildered by those who are saying that if she were covered or if she were accompanied by a  man (mahram), this would not have happened! Either way, she has the right to wear what she wants and you do not have the right to harass (her)!”

It is important to note that in a country like Saudi Arabia, where a woman is not allowed to drive, go out unaccompanied by a male member or have parts of her body uncovered, it is absolutely ridiculous to even think people are suggesting that they must stay at home.

Blaming rape and assault on the victim and their clothing or anything other than the perpetrator is an easy way out, but this incident just goes to prove that a lecherous man does not spare even a fully covered woman.

The woman involved in this case should be commended for her brilliant response that just goes to tell men that if they attack a female, they should be prepared for the consequences. 

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