Saudi Women Hit Back As False Stats Claim Many Failed Driving Tests

"This isn't true, I got a license and know many who got theirs. This is just a way to demotivate women!!,” one enraged user wrote.



Women in Saudi Arabia scored a massive win for themselves when they finally, after decades, won the right to drive.

The senseless ban on women behind wheels was lifted as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman became the de facto leader of the conservative kingdom, in a pledge to show women as equal to men. However, it seems many in Saudi Arabia still have a hard time accepting women will soon be driving down the roads.

Just days before lifting of the ban on June 24, several news site published statistics that only a small fraction out of thousands of Saudi women actually passed their driving tests.

The numbers, allegedly released by Al Sharq Driving School, reported only 67 women out of the 13,000 that applied for the driving license in the Al Sharqiya area, passed the test.

As the numbers went viral on Saudi Twitter, many in disbelief, set out to investigate the matter, only to find the numbers were not revealed by any official from the driving school and were in fact made-up.

Regardless, Saudi women hit back on Twitter, to anyone who is set out to undermine them.

"Did those immature people driving on our roads take these tests too?” one user asked.

"If this is true, then great. Only those who passed can drive. Now it's your turn to revoke the licenses of male drivers and retrain them... because most of them got their licenses without training or passing tests,” wrote another user, who was not going to let anything dampen her enthusiasm.

While other women just tried making sense of the numbers.

"What driving school can fit 13,000 students? This is a university not a driving school,” one user wrote.

"What is meant here is that 67 out of 13,000 who applied, successfully completed their tests while the rest are still waiting to get them done. When your partner in society is the first who tries to put you down, you've got nothing to do but be patient,” another user replied.

Others called out the blatant lying, a way to thwart women’s confidence.

"This isn't true, I got a license and know many who got theirs. This is just a way to demotivate women!!,” one enraged user wrote.

Saudi women’s outrage over the false numbers is more than understandable. The road for these women to get basic human rights has not been easy and they still have a long way to go.

Recently, many of the female Saudi activists, who challenged the kingdom by getting in cars and driving, which eventually resulted in the lifting of the ban, were arrested and branded as “traitors.”

Bin Salman’s claims of reforming the patriarchal Saudi society, in order to cultivate a modern image of the kingdom, might as well be just words, if women still have to face discrimination based on gender, even if it be the wrongful claims of failing driver’s license tests.

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