Women In Saudi Arabia Spark Outrage For Hugging Male Lebanese Singer

The video shows two female fans of Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama, wearing hijabs and abayas, hugging the superstar as they pose for a photo with him.


Two women in Saudi Arabia are being subjected to intense criticism after they were photographed fangirling over a Lebanese singer.

Ragheb Alama, a Lebanese superstar, held his first-ever concert in Jeddah on June 18. The event came after the Saudi Entertainment Authority, under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is making efforts to boost the country’s entertainment industry.

In a video shared online, two female fans of Alama, wearing hijabs and abayas can be seen hugging the superstar as they pose for a photo with him, moments before the concert. It is not known what nationality the two women bore but their physical act with an unrelated man rankled many Saudis.

Soon after the clipping went viral, an Arabic hashtag that translates into Saudi women embracing Ragheb Alama started trending on Saudi Twitter.

Many people thought the action of the two women were inappropriate and unbecoming, considering the gulf kingdom’s conservative values, which prohibit women from coming into close contact with men not related to them. Others thought the behavior was very normal for fangirls. However, many Saudis believe the girls were not Saudi citizens at all and their comments devolved into derogatory slurs.




“To those who believe the women are Saudi: Where are your minds? Who would believe that about a Saudi woman, with her modesty and purity? A Saudi woman is not that easy nor cheap, even if people tried to frame her. A Saudi woman is hard to get and can only be reached by someone worth,” said Twitter user Sultan Al-Qanami


“First of all, these prostitutes are not Saudi, but rather naturalized citizens. Secondly, these cheap figures don't represent any genuine Saudi girl. Thirdly, such women are the ones asking for the end to male guardianship, demanding freedom, traveling without a male guardian and driving. Finally, I swear naturalization is a cancerous disease that should be prevented,” Twitter user Sarah Shehri said.

However, some people came to rescue the two ladies.




Nevertheless, the episode does not seem to have put a damper on Alama, who took to Instagram to praise his experience in the Gulf kingdom.

“Words cannot describe how amazing the night I spent with the Saudi audience was,” he wrote.

He also later praised the Saudi royalty’s efforts to modernize Saudi Arabia.

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