Severe Storms Batter Australia’s East Coast

At least three people have died while several are still missing in what is being dubbed the worst storm of the decade.

High winds and intense flooding have wreaked havoc on Australia’s east coast, where at least three people have died while several are missing after intense waves uprooted the trees and destroyed the houses.

In what is said to be the worst storm of the decade, several beachfront properties, particularly in the badly affected area of Collaroy beach, have collapsed into the ocean due to erosion while many are still hanging on precariously.

“Within our Sydney southern region, we've attended to over five rescues throughout the night,” said Canterbury Senior Deputy Controller Chris Nelsen. “And throughout the state we've attended to over 50.”

The storm whipped up waves as high as 40 feet and the storm reportedly knocked out power to more than 85,000 homes and businesses over the weekend. Hundreds of people had to flee their houses and scores needed to be rescued from flooded areas, according to the state emergency services agency.

Watch the destruction caused by the downpour and floods in the video above.

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