Video Of Child Fleeing War-Torn UK Highlights Plight Of Refugees

The powerful PSA by Save The Children shows what life would be like if it were British refugees fleeing a civil war in the United Kingdom.

Ever wondered what would happen if a war broke out in a developed country instead of a developing Middle Eastern region?

Would the situation be any different from what it is right now?

Probably not, but it would have been just as traumatic and scary for those forced to leave their homes and communities behind in search of a safe haven. Millions of people from Syria and other parts of the Middle East have entered Europe to escape the conflict in their countries. A vast majority of those asylum seekers is children below the age of 18 — most of them unaccompanied.

In hopes of portraying the terrifying struggle of child refugees who experience both physical and mental trauma during their journey, a nonprofit organization has released a powerful PSA depicting a young British girl fleeing war-torn London with her family.

The advert, titled “Still the Most Shocking Second a Day” and released by Save the Children, is a sequel to a viral video from 2014 that showed a young schoolgirl named Lily being forced to give up her regular life as a war breaks out in her country.

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The latest video (posted above) shows the same child lose her parents as she makes her way to Germany. While the entire video is extremely distressing, the clip showing her journey to cross Mediterranean is just heartbreaking.

“This video captures the terrible experiences of thousands of children every day, many undertaking horrific journeys that no one should ever have to endure,” said Tanya Steele, interim chief executive of Save the Children. “We wanted to bring home the reality of what it’s like for those children, to capture the British public’s attention.”

Between September 2015 and February 2016, more than 340 children have drowned in the eastern Mediterranean, according to United Nations Refugee Agency.

"This is a generation of children who have lost everything—their home, their education, their family and in some cases their lives,” Steele said. “Save the Children is calling for more support for children fleeing these conflict zones. We want a new deal for refugees, to ensure every child gets an education, protection and a fair start in life.”

Watch the viral prequel, aimed at getting people to help the children in Syria, in the video below.

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