1 In 4 Children Are Deprived Of Their Childhood: Save The Children

"All around the world, childhoods are at risk. Even here in the U.S., the most vulnerable children are being robbed of their chance to learn, grow, play and be safe.”

June 1 marked International Children’s Day, and Save The Children, international organization that promotes children's rights, released a report bringing to light some damning facts about the atrocities children around the world face.

The report states more than 16,000 children die before reaching their 5th birthday, and most of these deaths could have been prevented or treated, but due to a lack of resources, the poor children suffer. Moreover it stated that 156 million children, in which almost 1 in 4 kids under the age of 5 have stunted growth due to malnutrition.

“The majority of these children live in disadvantaged communities in developing countries, where they have been bypassed by progress that has lifted up many of their peers. Many suffer from a toxic mix of poverty and discrimination – excluded because of who they are: a girl, a refugee, from an ethnic minority or a child with a disability,” stated the report.

Additionally, the report highlighted that across the globe 263 million which is more than 1 in 6 school-aged children worldwide are out of school. The document further talked about the number of children engrossed in child labor, forced into child marriages, and have been murdered. Of course, one cannot forget the children whose lives have been disrupted due to war, and who will forever suffer the consequences, be it physical, emotional or mental.

“Hundreds of millions of kids don’t go to school — 1 out of every 6 school-aged children — because they are forced to work, don’t have the resources they need, or simply because they are girls,” said Jill Biden, chair of Save the Children’s board of trustees.

“Without education, children will face a lifetime of obstacles, but with it, the possibilities are endless. This report has shown us just how many children are being left behind — now we must act to protect them,” he added.

Save The Children is urging world leaders to step forward and take some action so that these hundreds of thousands of children can actually live the childhood they deserve. 

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