Ad Seeking Substitute Teachers Says It Won't Accept Black Applicants

A prestigious school in Taiwan allowed a teacher to post an ad seeking substitutes. But the ad stipulated "black or dark skinned" people weren't wanted.

A teacher in Taiwan posted a job ad on a Facebook group seeking substitutes for a prestigious school — while also urging applicants who were “black or dark skinned” not to apply.

In a subsection of the ad titled “Personal Note,” the author wrote that the institution, Kang Chiao International School, had strict racially-biased rules for who could apply for the position.

“[T]he school has informed me that it will not accept applications from people who are not from predominantly English speaking countries, or who are black or dark skinned,” the teacher wrote. “I am sorry. I am so so sorry.”

After being called out by online users for its obvious racism, the original poster took the ad down. But another member of the group named Williams Kaboré had already copied the ad, and re-posted it to demonstrate the bigotry it exuded.

Kaboré elaborated his decision to repost the ad in the second post, explaining that the original poster was still racist even if it was a direct order from their superiors to make the demands.

“If you repeat your boss’s racist statements, you are no different than your boss,” Kaboré wrote.

Kang Chiao International School wrote its own response to the posting, denying that such conditions existed.

“Kang Chiao International School's appointment of teachers is based on their education qualifications and related academic experience,” the school wrote on Facebook. “These are the most important considerations. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation.”

The school alleges the teacher did indeed get instructions to seek out new substitute teachers, but that a miscommunication between the administration and the teacher led to the racist posting.

Regardless, the New Taipei City Education Bureau plans to investigate the matter to ensure that hiring standards in place at Kang Chiao International School are not discriminatory in nature.

It may be that this is a simple misunderstanding — perhaps the school meant to tell the teacher to emphasize that they do not discriminate. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that the inquiry into the school move forward, so that parents, students, and potential employees know that the school is indeed an inclusive environment.

Such blatant racism — whether by an elected official in the public sphere or in a job posting — needs to be called out wherever it’s spotted. Hopefully this matter will be resolved in a proactive way, but regardless of the outcome, the online users who first spotted the ad deserve commendation for doing so.

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