White Student Sexually Harasses Black Student. School Punishes Victim

School officials repeatedly ignored the victim’s request of disciplining the white student who had a “history of bad behavior.”

Sexual Harassment

In a blatant display of discrimination and racism, a Kansas school punished a black teenager when he was clearly not at fault. The student is now suing his school.

Parents of the black Lansing Middle School student alleged in a lawsuit that their son was being physically and sexually assaulted by a white student. But instead of punishing the harasser, the school punished the victim for fighting back.

Both the students were seventh-graders and their names haven’t been identified.

It all started last February, when a white student groped the victim's buttocks in the study hall. The victim told the attacker to stop and complained to his teacher.

But the teacher turned deaf ears and did nothing about the disturbing situation.

The aggressor kept harassing the victim who kept requesting the teacher to take action. After repeated requests, she intervened, but only to tell the black teenager to move his seat away from the white student.

This wasn’t a solution, and so the attacker continued with his disgusting acts. Later that day, he went as far as grabbing the victim’s penis while sitting in the school bus.

As if this wasn’t enough, he also repeatedly struck the black students head and kicked him in his face making his nose bleed.

Finally, the black student punched his attacker in his defense. This is when the school also joined in and discriminated against the student who was actually being mistreated.

Instead of punishing the white student, the school decided to suspend the black teen from travelling in the school bus. When the parents met with school officials and the principal, they lied and claimed what happened was a hugging followed by a fight, noting that the victim had apparently hit the white boy really “hard.” 

The victim’s parents alleged in the lawsuit, the student responsible for harming their child had a “known history of bad behavior.” The lawsuit filed in the federal courts also accused the school of being racist towards African-American students, and that their son was discriminated because of the color of his skin.

Lansing Middle School has been slapped with lawsuits earlier as well.

Previously, a female high school student filed a lawsuit against the school after she was placed in the homeroom class of a chemistry teacher, who had been suspended after allegedly sexually harassing the girl.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Peter Nicholls

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