School Has An Amazing Response To 'F*** N****rs' Vandalism

Racist vandalism marred the walls of a Minnesota High School after Donald Trump was elected president. How the students responded was priceless.

Within hours of Donald Trump being named president-elect of the United States, countless hate crimes have been committed against minorities across the country.

Students at Maple Grove High School in Minnesota were greeted by a horrific example of anti-black sentiment when their bathroom was graffitied with the words "Whites Only," "F*** N****rs," and Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again." The vandals called black people "porch monkeys," and used the hashtag 'Go Back To Africa.'

Osseo Area Schools responded to the event, saying "It goes against everything we stand for, and it is completely contrary to our core values as a district and individual schools. This incident is additional evidence of the pressing need in our schools, our community and our nation to find ways to talk about race constructively and respectfully."

The students and faculty of Maple Grove, however, didn't wait to stand up to the hateful messages. The next day, the kids greeted their fellow students with cheers, handing out baked goods and lining the walls with notes of love and encouragement.

Minnesota Public Radio News reports that the school's principal, Bart Becker, gave a moving speech during their assembly, telling the children, "Don’t talk about it, be about it. Be about love. Be about respect. Be about empathy, kindness, inclusiveness, gratitude, patience, selflessness, humility, compassion, resolve, and strength.

All Americans can learn from the example of these brave and compassionate students. In the face of a Donald Trump presidency, standing up for the oppressed and doing our part to say no to bigotry is more important than ever.

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