Apparently, Pruitt Wanted Sessions Out Of His Way So He Could Run DoJ

Embattled EPA Head Scott Pruitt reportedly tried to convince the president to let him run the Justice Department after Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia probe.

The scandal-ridden head of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, appears to have some rather big political ambitions.

According to a report published by CNN, the embattled climate change-denying EPA administrator asked President Donald Trump to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions at a time when the commander-in-chief was seething over his recusal from the ongoing probe into possible collusion between Trump’s election campaign and Russia.

Pruitt’s suggestion for Sessions’ replacement: himself, of course.

“In an Oval Office conversation with Trump, Pruitt offered to temporarily replace Sessions for 210 days under the Vacancies Reform Act, telling the president he would return to Oklahoma afterward to run for office,” reported the publication, citing three sources familiar with the matter.

However, Pruitt’s strike-while-the-iron-is-hot tactic did not work as Trump advisers reportedly wasted no time in shooting down his proposal to run the Department of Justice.

Given the number of scandals plaguing the EPA administrator at the moment, the decision was not completely unsurprising.

Pruitt has repeatedly come under fire for sending government aides on personal errands – like sending an aide on a hunt for an “old mattress” belonging to the Trump International Hotel and requesting an aide to ask donors to find a job for his wife, Marlyn Pruitt.

He has also been accused of trying to use his position for personal gain – like allegedly trying to get his wife a franchise of fast food chain Chick-Fil-A.

Just recently, Pruitt joined the growing list of Trump administration officials who were confronted by angry protesters at a restaurant.

Just days after White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was booted out of a restaurant in Virginia, the EPA head was having lunch in a restaurant in downtown Washington, D.C., when a woman walked up to him holding her toddler.

Pruitt probably thought the woman was there to greet him, but he was in for a ride when the patron, Kristin Mink, began berating him for his anti-climate change stance and his notorious waste of taxpayer money.

Meanwhile, Pruitt has refuted the claims that he asked Trump to get Sessions out of his way

“This report is simply false. General Sessions and I are friends and I have always said I want nothing more than to see him succeed in his role,” he said in a statement.

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