Scott Pruitt Spent $2,750 To Buy ‘Tactical’ Pants And Polo Shirt

Investigations show Pruitt also got hold of some ‘tactical pants’ and ‘tactical polo shirts” amounting to $2,750 worth of taxpayer money

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Any investigation into the corruption of Environemental Protection Agency’s administrator Scott Pruitt leads to a gold mine.

Pruitt has been scoring some real nice perks for himself while everyone’s attention was rightly trained on President Donald Trump’s fascist policies. Pruitt got hold of flight tickets, free stays at fancy hotels, Chick Fil-a franchises, purposeless trips abroad (all paid by the taxpayer) and now, investigations show Pruitt also got hold of some “tactical pants” and “tactical polo shirts.”

In fact, Pruitt has spent an amount of $2,749.62 on these. What is a tactical polo shirt, you ask? Well, we don’t know either. But the razor-sharp minds of internet users have concluded that a tactical polo shirt might be police-style polo.

This is not all from the EPA head. Pruitt spent $4.6 million on security, a $1.1 million increase from last year. His beefed-up security detail includes 24-hour protection, a privilege not afforded to previous EPA administrators. Security payroll spending for Pruitt increased in the most recent quarter by $138,373, reaching $742,205, almost double the cost from the same period in 2017. EPA has defended this decision, maintaining that Pruitt receives many deadly threats every day. Some probing reveals the nature of these threats: Pruitt feels intimidated by protestors asking him questions during press conferences and notes sent by concerned citizens that say “Climate change is real! We are watching you!”

Pruitt’s office also spent $150,900 on leasing vehicles. Most importantly, Pruitt’s office spent $931 in September 2017 to buy a breaching kit. The kit can be used to break open locked doors. However, the office has managed to justify even this expense.

On March 29, 2017, when a sleeping Pruitt wouldn’t answer the department’s call, the police and guards had to smash the door of his apartment. Even though the incident proved such a tactic was unnecessary and frankly, quite embarrassing, the department now has its own door-smasher. Yes, that is a valid job description.

Even after all these revelations, Pruitt still has loads to hide. Many suspect the EPA administrator has been currying favors with people he is supposed to be protecting out planet from. Sierra Club has been trying to gain access to his emails for over a year now. Responding to their Freedom of Information Act, EPA responded that Pruitt has only sent just one email in the 10 months of records they have been given access to.

Wow. Sounds completely true and totally like Pruitt.

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