Scott Pruitt Attempted To Give Men ‘Property Right’ Over Fetuses

“It’s not surprising that another member of Trump’s inner circle is hostile to women. But framing a fetus as a man’s property is a new low.”

Environment Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt never fails to surprise the country with his penchant for ignorance and disregard for fundamental issues.

A recent report revealed before the Trump-appointee took control of the federal agency, he had a history of attempting to pass draconian anti-abortion legislation – and good thing he no longer has control over that.

According to the Huffington Post, when Pruitt was in the Oklahoma state senate, he twice submitted anti-abortion legislation that aimed to grant men “property rights” over unborn fetuses, requiring women to seek would-be father’s permission before aborting a pregnancy.

For some strange reason, the EPA chief’s outrageous suggestion faded from public memory over time. But ever since multiple corruption accusations against the agency head emerged, Pruitt’s political legacy was revisited – and unsurprisingly, he proved it yet again he is capable of much worse than just being an avid climate change denier.

In fact, the latest revelation helped explain right-wing evangelical Christians’ (a group that largely opposes abortion) support for Pruitt, which have helped him stay on board despite of widespread criticism from Democrats and even some Republicans.

Moreover, the fact he appeared alongside President Donald Trump in meetings with evangelical leaders” while (gratefully) not having any official control over abortion policy just further confirmed his strong ties with the group.

“It’s not surprising that another member of Trump’s inner circle is hostile to women,” said Dawn Huckelbridge, a senior director at the progressive super PAC American Bridge, which opposes Pruitt and is an advocate of abortion rights. “But framing a fetus as a man’s property is a new low.”

Pruitt’s proposed anti-abortion legislation didn’t just deny women the right to make decisions about their bodies, but also put them in even more vulnerable positions where they would have to get of permission from the father of the child.

That’s not it. In case a pregnant woman failed to track the man who impregnated her, she would have been required to provide an evidence the man was nowhere to be found “after diligent effort.”

However, the proposed bill would have proved to be the hardest in case of pregnancies resulting from rape, as the victim would have to “show the assault has been reported to law enforcement agency having the requisite jurisdiction.”

Even the doctors who performed the procedure without verifying documents would have risked losing their licenses, been “civilly liable to the father of the aborted child for any damages caused thereby,” and had to pay punitive fines of $5,000.

All in all, Pruitt’s idea of being a pro-life would have made life harder for a lot of women.

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