Did Republican Scott Walker Just Accidentally Endorse Hillary Clinton?

Conservative governor Scott Walker accidentally just gave Democrats a really great reason to vote for Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

The Republican governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker probably didn't intend to give Hillary Clinton a resounding endorsement on Twitter this morning, but Democrats were delighted with the statement he made.

"If you like the past eight years, vote Hillary Clinton," the governor tweeted alongside a photo of President Barack Obama and Clinton embracing.

The governor, who has been encouraging his constituents to vote for Donald Trump, clearly did not intend to give Clinton his endorsement. But anyone who loves Obama took the tweet as a promise that a Clinton presidency will bring more of the same.

Twitter took the post and ran with it, delighted that Walker's put-down had so completely backfired against him.

Clinton herself has been promising to build on Obama's legacy on a range of issues, including health care and other progressive campaigns. President Obama has also driven home the connection between them, endorsing Clinton as his natural successor.

Both President Obama and Clinton draw a stark contrast to the bluster and egotism of the GOP candidate. With their eloquence, extensive political experience and composure, there is just no contest. Comparing Obama and Clinton only serves to make the comparison with Trump even more obvious and makes Clinton look, by contrast, exceedingly presidential.

Even though Walker didn't intend to give Clinton the thumbs up, Democrats now have another reason to get to the polls and vote for her.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @HuffPostPol

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