Bowing To Public Pressure, SeaWorld Makes A Big Change For Its Whales

With the rapid growth of technology and manmade facilities, natural resources and wildlife are being exploited to the point of extinction.

Animal right activists, and everyday people who contemplated a trip to see killer whales in action, were left aghast in 2013 after the documentary "Blackfish" highlighted SeaWorld's major problem with orcas.

Now, several years of lost revenue and reputation later, SeaWorld has decided to collaborate with the Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s most effective organization working towards animal protection. The duo aims to cut down and find solutions to commercial whaling, seal hunts, shark finning and ocean pollution.

But the big news is that SeaWorld will end its orca breeding programs. Apparently, the current generation of orcas will be the last to be under the theme park’s care. Moreover, they are also doing away with their famous whale shows.

Research shows that more than 3,000 species of animals remain endangered while hundreds of them die each year due to pollution, oil spills and poaching.

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Now several authorities are pressing SeaWorld to release the killer whales into their natural habitat. However, the theme park does not consider this a feasible option since previous attempts have proved that orcas born in human care do not survive the wild. So theme park officials have promised to keep the mammals under their supervision to providing them with quality care.

SeaWorld will also develop various rescue options for animals that cannot be released into the wild, and plans to come up with a space in order to keep them safe and taken care of. SeaWorld now hopes to educate its guests regarding animal rights and wildlife preservation, while serving only sustainable seafood.

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