Relatives Call Oregon Militiaman A Violent Gun Aficionado

Sean Anderson is a bully who believes in imposing his views on others and had recently grown fearful of the power the government yields, according to those who know him.

In the words of those who know him, Sean Anderson, one of the four holdouts in the Oregon militia standoff on federal land, is a "violent bully."

Anderson and his wife Sandy are part of the group that has occupied the Malheur Wildlife Reserve. Anderson recently released a provocative video, asking his followers to kill anyone who came in their way.

His relatives call Anderson as an angry man, although his life took a downward spiral when his ex-wife divorced him. A relative believes Anderson collapsed when he was served the divorce notice, and stopped "caring much" afterwards.

His 31-year-old step-daughter, Michelle Jannich, remembers an aggressive man who made her "teenage years hell," reports the Daily Mail. He would take doors from their hinges to ensure that his step-daughter had no privacy, constantly bullied her and yelled in her face. More than once, Jannich had to call the cops on him.

Anderson, as Jannich recalls, was always a religious man. But as years passed, his religious views became extreme, bordering on the radical. He was a Lutheran, and would just "preach and preach and preach," Jannich told the Daily Mail.

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Ironically, Jannich remembers him as a law-abiding citizen, who panicked when he found out that she smoked pot. It came as a surprise to Jannich when in 2014, he was arrested on charge of possession.

There was one incident, however, that showed that Anderson was willing to break the law once he succumbed to a violent streak. In 2002, Anderson broke into a house where Jannich was staying with her mom’s ex-boyfriend and his kids.

"He had a sick notion that I was sleeping with my mom’s ex-boyfriend," says Jannich.

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Anderson barged into her temporary home and beat her mom’s ex-boyfriend. The police had to be called.

Anderson lost his job as a well-paying electrician and after his divorce, married his current wife Sandy. To battle the frustration in his life, he joined a local chapter of the militia in Wisconsin, where he could vent his frustrations. The couple was driven to bankruptcy and possibly moved to Idaho for a fresh start.

Sean Anderson and his wife Sandy, as well as David Frye and Jeff Banta, remain in the wildlife refuge. Eight other militants were arrested in the past week; one was shot dead in a confrontation with police. 

Officials from the U.S. Marshals Service wouldn't comment on whether there was an outstanding warrant for Anderson's arrest, and the FBI didn't respond to a request for information.

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