Hannity Forced To Admit Trump Tried To Fire Mueller On Live TV

Sean Hannity dedicated a huge chunk of his show to reject the authenticity of the NYT's report about Trump trying to fire Mueller. Then something amazing happened.



In what was perhaps one of the most excruciatingly awkward moments for Sean Hannity on live television, the Fox News host was forced to admit The New York Times was right about the president trying to oust the special counsel — just minutes after vehemently rejecting the revelation.

The NYT recently released a bombshell report, according to which Trump, last June, was all set to get rid of Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during 2016's elections. But after White House counsel Don McGahn refused to follow the order and threatened to resign, Trump backed down.

Hannity, being as pro-Trump as he always has been, dedicated a huge chunk of the beginning of his hour-long show to categorically reject the authenticity and credibility of NYT's claims.

Then something amazing happened.

On live television, just minutes after accusing "the New York Times and others" of getting it wrong, Hannity found out a Fox News correspondent had confirmed the details of the report in question and that Trump, indeed, tried to fire Mueller.

So, what did Hannity do then?

Instead of talking about how wrong it was for the president to try to oust someone probing possible Russian meddling, the host said Trump had the right to “raise those questions."

“Yeah, maybe Donald Trump wanted to fire the special counsel, Robert Mueller for conflict,” Hannity said, with a painful shrug of the shoulders. “Does he not have a right to raise those questions?”

And then, he abruptly switched to footage of a car chase.

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