Trump Buddy Hannity Complains Obama Talks About Himself Too Much

Ironically, Hannity is chummy with President Trump, whose Twitter feed is essentially a never-ending ad campaign about himself.



When Barack Obama recently reminded the world the U.S. economy is thriving as a result of his policies, Sean Hannity still found an excuse to criticize the former president.

It all began when President Donald Trump started boasting about economic growth under his administration. Later, Obama delivered a speech at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and corrected Trump's claim by stating how the boost took off under his watch.

Since Hannity couldn't dispute the fact, he found another way to bash Obama for taking credit (for his own work) -- instead of pointing out that Trump indeed falsely took credit of policies he did not implement.

"Former President Obama thinks he was extremely successful,” the Fox News host said. “In fact, he was so proud of himself that during his recent hourlong speech he talked a lot, about himself, 102 times in one hour.”

Then, Hannity tried to sing Toby Keith’s “I Wanna Talk About Me," in what turned out to be a visually cringeworthy attempt at sarcasm.

It was ironic to see Hannity losing his cool over Obama, rightfully taking credit for his work, since the Fox News star host is infamously chummy with Trump, who is notorious for his braggadocio, mostly based on false claims. In fact, Hannity and Trump are so close, they even have their own late-night phone calls.

One doesn't have to dig deep to find evidence. Just take a look at Trump's Twitter account:





And take a look at his retweets:




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