Sean Spicer Evaded Comey Questions By Hiding In A Bush

White House press secretary Sean Spicer didn’t seem to be ready to handle the media chaos sparked by the abrupt termination of now ex-FBI Director James Comey when he hid from reporters.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer arrives...

White House press secretary Sean Spicer was clearly overwhelmed by the uproar caused by FBI Director James Comey’s sudden termination.

As reporters rushed to Spicer to ask questions about the decision, he did what any scared, panicked man-child would do: He hid behind the bushes.

According to The Independent, after Spicer gave his television interview on an outdoor set, he snuck behind a hedge near the White House to avoid the press — which is ironic, because he’s the press secretary.

After several minutes passed, during which Spicer was presumably collecting his thoughts and footnotes on what he should and should not say, he came out of hiding and agreed to answer questions so long as they were not filmed.

There’s no denying that President Donald Trump opened a huge can of worms with this decision, particularly considering Comey has been credited with handing him the election thanks to his Hillary Clinton probe and ironically, was leading the investigation into allegations that Russia hacked the election.

Trump’s entire administration is going to wish they had bushes to hide behind in the coming weeks as this is sure to result in the lid getting blown off “Russiagate.” 

 Thumbnail/Banner Credit: Reuters


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