‘Go Back To India’: Trump Supporters Threaten Seattle Councilwoman

“I am tired of being shamed because I’m a white male. You automatically think I’m a racist. How about you go the f*** back to India or wherever you came from?”

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was nothing less than a hate-fest that attracted racists and bigots from all across the country to his rallies. The boisterous billionaire appealed to a certain demographic, so much so that before the election, his supporters were threatening to revolt if he did not win.

However, now that he has successfully seized the victory from his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, it is not entirely shocking that his loyalists continue to harass people who raise their voices against Trump’s intolerance and misogyny.

Seattle’s Socialist councilmember, Kshama Sawant, is just another victim of this disturbing fanaticism.

During a post-election rally at Seattle City Hall, Sawant called for massive demonstration and nationwide shutdown on Inauguration Day to protest President-elect Trump.

“Join me, I appeal to you, today at 4 p.m. at Westlake (Park),” she told the crowd. “Let’s have a massive protest and tell America we do not accept a racist agenda and let’s make sure that on Inauguration Day, on the 20th and 21st of January, let’s do a nationwide shutdown and occupy inauguration.”


The video of Sawant’s speech soon went viral, irking of hundreds of Trump supporters in the city. The councilmember’s office is now reportedly flooded with hate mail, some of which are rather vicious.

“Go back to India b****,” read one of them, while another said, “I am tired of being shamed because I’m a white male. You automatically think I’m a racist. How about you go the (expletive) back to India or wherever you came from?”

The irony.

“We didn’t riot with Obama was elected,” wrote another apparent Trump fan. “Ever stop to think we see (Obama) as a racist? But we carried on and lived to fight another day. Stop being such a cry baby b**** and go hang yourself.”

Council spokesperson Dana Robinson Slote claimed “a staffer was told on phone: ‘I will come and tattoo a swastika on your head and on that b****’s head.'”

There are also some repetitive emails, providing a terrifying glimpse inside the mind of those who elected Trump to the White House. Most of these messages contain phrases like, “Get the hell out of my country while you can,” “Stop being a terrorist here” and “You need to go back where you came from.”

Kshama Sawant

Sawant’s call for an anti-Trump protest was not surprising. Apart from the fact that such protests erupted across the nation the moment the results came in, Sawant is known for participating and organizing demonstrations on social issues. She was also an integral part of the minimum wage protests held in Seattle.

“It is our moral duty to speak out,” she said. “I would say that elected officials like myself have an amplified responsibility to be out in the forefront of issues like this, where women and so many others are under attack.”

Seattle police is reportedly investigating some of the threatening emails.

“Not all of the (writers and callers) are outright racist and misogynist,” Sawant continued. “Many of them are people who voted for Trump because they believe that he stands for the working person, he will lower their taxes, that he’ll create living wage jobs. Trump is not going to do any of those things,” she said.

Meanwhile, there is also an online petition demanding to recall Sawant for “abuse of power” — because you can’t stand up for your rights in the land of the free, apparently.

“She’s using her platform to incite violence and call for protests and riots,” the petition states. “Our elected officials should be helping and bringing people together in our communities not promoting hate towards our democracy. Whether you like the outcome or not of the election, we look upon our officials to follow the laws of this country. Let’s help bring people together and follow the laws to get things done not promote hate and dismay because this election did not go her way.  et’s send a message to our local mayor that she should step down from her position or be impeached. It is not appropriate for elected officials to call for protests.”

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