Racist Alert: Ex-Trump Aide Gorka Talks About 'Black African Crimes'

“Our big issue is black African gun crime against black Africans. It is a tragedy, go to Chicago, go to the cities run by Democrats for 40 years.”



Senseless killing by white men continues to climb in America, epitomized just recently when Stephen Paddock claimed the lives of concertgoers in Las Vegas, killing nearly 60 people and injuring over 500 others.

However, for Sebastian Gorka, the American gun culture isn’t to blame; the ones worth condemnation are “black Africans” killing each other.  

In an interview with WLJA, where the topic of discussion was “guns in America” Gorka once again displayed his racist mentality.

“When do we start the discussion of the abundance of guns? People kill people guns don’t kill people, why limit access to guns to law abiding people? Tonight we tackle this discussion from Washington, D.C.,” read the webpage of WLJA, explaining the crux of the debate.

While discussing gun laws in America, this is what Gorka had to say. “They are the anomaly, you do not make legislations out of out lies. Our big issue is black African gun crime against black Africans. It is a tragedy, go to Chicago, go to the cities run by Democrats for 40 years, black young men are murdering each other by the bushel,” he said.

“This is a social issue, allow the police to do their jobs and rebuild those societies, legislations will not save lives.”

At this point one of the moderator clarifies that Gorka was in fact talking about African-Americans when he said black Africans, to which Gorka said yes. 

But Gorka made it very evident during the debate that he was talking about “black on black” crimes, which is actually just a myth.

Black men who commit crimes go to jail at a higher rate than any other ethnic group. Many people of color also serve on juries, so logically it can't be true that African-Americans are uninterested in punishing other blacks who commit crimes.

It is pertinent to note that black men are also the ones who are subjected to police brutality more than any other race. Given that majority of black people who are murdered in the United States are killed by other black people, it's also true, according to the FBI's 2014 Uniform Crime Reports, that about 82 percent of white American homicide victims were killed by other white people.

But naturally Gorka, who has always been discriminatory towards minorities, making headlines for his militant attitudes towards Islam, wouldn’t really care much about the actual issue of gun violence but instead targets people of color.

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