Secret Service To Sacrifice Investigations To Protect Trump

To ensure Trump and his family are secure, the Secret Service asked for a budget increase. As the request got denied, agents may have to cut down on investigations.

We already know President Donald Trump's trips could cost American taxpayers millions of dollars. Now, we also know that they may also cost the Secret Service's ability to investigate a series of crimes.

According to The Washington Post, the Secret Service had requested an extra $60 million to cover the protection of the president and his family earlier this year.

The Trumps' elaborate living and travel arrangements make it difficult for the federal law enforcement agency to ensure Trump, his kids, and his wife are all safe, so its officials believed that the request for a larger budget was a sensible one. But the Office of Management and Budget eventually rejected the proposal, leaving the feds with little to no options but to cut other efforts.

The president's wife, Melania, still lives in Trump Tower with the couple's son, Barron. For the protection of the two and the New York property, the Secret Service estimates that it would require an additional $26.8 million.

To ensure the president's protection during his weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago, the agency shells out $3 million per visit, and to cover the executive branch's travel expenses, the agency estimates that it would require an extra $33 million.

Instead of a budget increase, the agency will now have to cut down on investigations into cyber crimes, cases involving missing and exploited minors, and counterfeit-money operations, The Washington Post adds.



Forcing taxpayers to cover for the extra amount needed to protect the president would be a great burden, but as Trump and his family continue to live lavishly at the expense of all of us, Americans will be forced to pay the price with their safety, The Washington Post notes.

You would think that a man who ran on the promise of more security and less waste would be more careful not to look like a hypocrite! But then again, he doesn't seem too worried about how the public perceives him as he's been a hypocrite in other instances in the past.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Aaron P. Bernstein

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