Video Shows Tyson Workers Kicking, Suffocating Chickens

Undercover footage of Tyson live chicken production staff showed extensive animal torture, prompting the company to retrain hundreds of employees.

A video made public Thursday by Washington, D.C., animal rights group Compassion Over Killing exposes the torture endured by chickens at Tyson Foods factories in three Virginia counties.

The day before the video was released to the greater public, however, Tyson made a statement that they would retrain its staff who have been caught on camera abusing live birds by stomping, kicking, and suffocating them.

Christine Daugherty, the vice president of sustainable food production for Tyson Foods, told USA Today that the employees shown kicking and throwing poultry in the disturbing video all received appropriate training in handling, but were acting against Tyson guidelines.

Her statement seems like a possible attempt to take away from the fact that these employees are not just a few “bad apples” but are part of a wider systemic problem of mistreating animals that we consume.  

A spokesman for Tyson, Worth Sparkman, did not state that the company will press any charges against the employees, but that hundreds of Tyson’s employees working in live chicken production will be retrained.

Furthermore, at least ten employees shown in the video have since been fired. The chicken producer also vowed to stop the practice of beak modification, which forces plastic tubes into roosters’ beaks to prevent them from eating chicken feed.

Warning: Video Contains Graphic Content


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