Security Allegedly Handcuffed 6-Year-Old To ‘Teach Her A F’ing Lesson’

A mother is taking legal action against the Chicago Public Schools system and a security guard who allegedly handcuffed her young daughter to a staircase.

A Chicago mother is suing the city’s board of education and a campus security guard whom she claims handcuffed her six-year-old daughter to a staircase for more than an hour.

Marlena Wordlow’s daughter Madisyn had allegedly stolen a piece of candy from her teacher at Fernwood Elementary School.

The security guard, Divelle Yarbrough, cuffed her in an effort to teach her “a f---ing lesson,” according to the lawsuit.

In addition to being outraged that her young daughter would be disciplined in this manner, Wordlow also maintains that the “stolen” candy was actually inside Madisyn’s lunch, according to the New York Daily News.

Yarbrough is being accused of excessive force, false imprisonment, and causing emotional distress.

“I can't imagine where anybody working in a school would ever conceive that this is an appropriate way to behave, an appropriate way to discipline a child,” said Wordlow’s lawyer Jeffrey Granich.

"The Chicago Public Schools system has a responsibility to make sure nothing like this happens again," Granich added.

The school district claims it took immediate action against Yarbrough upon becoming aware of the incident. He has reportedly been fired and a “do not hire” note was pinned to his personnel file.

On the day of the incident which occurred back in March, Wordlow showed up at her daughter’s school to find her “crying, sweating, and visibly scared and distraught” while still handcuffed.

Wordlow has every right to take action against the school and security guard for allowing such a cruel punishment to be placed upon her daughter.

Regardless of whether the candy was stolen or not, the severe punishment was unwarranted and inappropriate.

Children can be mischievous and should be taught the difference between right and wrong by being held accountable for their actions, but Yarbrough completely abused his power as an authority figure and went far beyond the scope of his job description over a piece of candy.

We can only hope his new “do not hire” record keeps him from working anywhere near children. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Suhaib Salem

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