Security Guard Allegedly Shot His Friend In The Butt By Mistake

A security guard was dismissed from employment after he shot his friend by mistake with his own gun in the buttocks at a Pennsylvania mall.

A Ross Park Mall security guard was fired after he discharged his firearm and mistakenly shot his friend in the butt this week at a mall after it closed.

The unidentified guard shot the gun in the security office when the bullet went through a wooden stand. It ricocheted and hit his friend on his behind, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

Brian Kohlhepp, Ross Township Police Detective, said, “The security officer was actually ending his shift. It was 11 o’clock at night, and he was preparing to go home. When he was loading his personal firearm, he accidentally discharged that firearm.”

ross park mall

The unsafe mall security guard was later fired from Universal Protection Services, who hired the man to work at the Pennsylvania mall.

“My understanding from the mall is he’s been relieved of his employment, and certainly won’t be back at the mall as a guard,” Kohlhepp said.

The wounded man was taken to a nearby hospital and was released the same day.

No charges have been filed for the now unemployed security guard, but he may possibly be the butt of many jokes. 

Banner Image Credit: Nicholas Eckhart, Wikimedia Commons

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