GOP Senator Convinced Kids Are Being Brainwashed On Global Warming

How come a man responsible for dealing with matters related to the entire country’s environment actually thinks a snowball is enough to disprove global warming?

People, it’s not just you. Even Jim Inhofe's granddaughter wants to know what it is exactly he doesn’t understand about global warming.

The senior Republican senator gained worldwide notoriety after "exposing" global warming as a hoax by bringing a snowball on the Senate floor last February. His logic: If it’s cold outside, then the globe is not really warming.

"It's very, very cold out. Very unseasonable,” he said, holding the snowball with a frown on his face (because who ever heard of snow in February in Washington, D.C.? Outrageous!)

He even criticized Pope Francis last year by telling him to mind his own business when the Holy Father pushed for action to limit climate change.

And, in case you didn’t know, Inhofe chairs the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

So, obviously, one wonders how a man responsible for dealing with matters related to the environment of the entire country has such crazy notions about  that’s right — the environment.

Inhofe’s climate change denial also bothered his own granddaughter, who, according to the man’s own words on the Eric Metaxas radio shows, once asked him: “Popi, why is it you don’t understand global warming?”

Instead of giving a straight answer to the girl’s question, Inhofe became concerned that school children in the U.S. were perhaps being brainwashed into believing in global warming.

“I did some checking, and Eric, the stuff that they teach our kids nowadays, they are brainwashed,” he told the show’s host.

But that’s not where it ends. Suggesting an equally bizarre solution to his inference, Inhofe added: “You have to un-brainwash them when they get out.”

While no one knows if Inhofe’s granddaughter ever received an answer to her question, here’s one that most rational people have been asking for quite some time now: “How exactly did Inhofe get the chairmanship of the Committee on Environment and Public Works?”


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