Senate Candidate’s Aide Likened GOP Establishment To A ‘House Negro’

In 2017, Corey Stewart’s aide Rick Shaftan also called Rep. John Lewis a “Pompous A**” and questioned his accomplishments as a civil rights leader.

Close-up of Congressman John Lewis (D-Georgia) addressing a crowd.

With midterm elections right around the corner, the true colors of politicians and their aides are being exposed one by one.

Rick Shaftan, a spokesman and top consultant for Republican Senate hopeful Corey Stewart of Virginia, previously compared the GOP establishment to a “house Negro” and disparaged Democratic Georgia Rep. John Lewis, The Daily Beast reports.

CNN’s KFile discovered the newly unearthed tweets from 2014 in which Shaftan claimed there were “a lot of parallels between the 'House Negro' and the GOP establishment."

The remark is a reference to slavery in the United States and the fact that certain slaves who worked inside of the slave owners’ home were typically considered of higher status than slaves who worked in the field.

Later in 2017, Shaftan called Lewis a “Pompous A**” and questioned his accomplishments as a civil rights leader. He wrote: “So what has John Lewis done besides get beat up 50+ years ago?”

Believe it or not, it gets worse.

Shaftan insulted the legacy of Rosa Parks by suggesting that Phyllis Schlafly — a conservative political activist known for having anti-feminist views — was more worthy of recognition. He called Michael Brown, the unarmed teen who was gunned down by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer, a “thug,” and called Black Lives Matter protesters “animals.”

Previously, The Daily Beast reported about Shaftan calling predominantly black cities “sh**holes” and urging his followers to avoid opening businesses in black neighborhoods.

After that was published, Shaftan wrote a snarky response on Facebook, asserting that “I must have said something worse than that in all these years! They need to look harder."

It would appear that he sealed his own fate as CNN’s KFile took his advice and found more terrible, reprehensible things he has said — in a public forum, no less.

This is a disgusting excuse for a human being, yet his consulting firm, Atlantic Media & Research, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Stewart’s campaigns for governor and Senate.

It may come as no surprise that Stewart would keep this type of deplorable company as he has previously faced criticism for defending Confederate symbols and associating with white nationalists, according to CNN.

We’ve already got President Donald Trump in the White House; we don’t need more bigots climbing up the political ladder.

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