Senate Democrats Launch 24-Hour Protest Ahead Of Betsy DeVos Vote

"Frankly, Ms. Devos' answers at the hearing were embarrassing," Sen. Chuck Schumer said on the floor during the filibuster, Mother Jones reports.

Not a fan of President Donald Trump's selection for education secretary, the not-so-beloved Betsy DeVos? We understand. After all, this is the lady who said guns are necessary in school because of grizzlies

Now, Senate Democrats are seizing the floor to stop DeVos from taking office, Mother Jones reports. They're currently hosting a filibuster, which will continue for the next 24 hours in light of the final vote toward her nomination. This takes place tomorrow.

The forecast for the voting is a 50/50 tie. If this happens, Vice President Mike Pence will decide, which would be rather terrible, because we're pretty sure we know who he'd pick. Her name starts with a "B" and ends in a "y."

"It is essential that an education secretary be knowledgeable and supportive of the federal laws that guide special education services," senior Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said, speaking on the floor. Warren is a huge advocate for proper special education. "Please vote no on DeVos' confirmation."

Warren went on to lambast DeVos's insufficient experience in public education and her utter ignorance, saying she was "literally shaken" by DeVos's lack of competence. 

Watch the filibuster live below, posted to Facebook by ABC News Politics. 

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