Senate Republicans Forced To Come Clean If They Support Trump’s Racism

In order for a bill that stops refugees from entering the U.S. to pass, Harry Reid is forcing Republicans to vote on if they agree with Trump's Muslim ban.

There is an interesting battle occurring within the Senate today. The governing body has taken up a bill passed by the House of Representatives which would temporarily halt refugee influx from Syria and Iraq, but Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D), won’t let the legislation move forward without a fight.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has accused Democrats of fear-mongering in discussion of this bill: “This debate should be driven by facts and common sense, not fear-mongering about targeting widows and orphans or other strawman arguments.”

The bill would, in fact, target widows and orphans, because it would stop all Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering the U.S., not just men. It’s not fear-mongering if it’s true.

Regardless, Reid wants to use this as an opportunity to force Republicans to come clean about exactly how they feel when it comes to Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration.

Reid refuses to let a procedural vote on the refugee bill continue until Republicans go on the record with a vote to confirm their opinion in regards to Trump’s plan.

“Donald Trump and his proposals are leading the public debate in our country…Republicans who support these illogical plans should be prepared for the next logical step: Voting on his vision of America,” said Reid.

This is a smart strategy; Reid is currently advocating for Democratic amendments to the refugee bill and if McConnell allows these to occur, Reid will most likely allow the vote to go to the Senate floor. McConnell would not want Republican Senators to endorse Trump’s widely censured proposal, so Reid’s crafty approach puts him in a difficult position.

The vote on the bill is set to occur late Wednesday afternoon. It remains to be seen whether Democratic amendments will be allowed to modify the bill.

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