Australian Politician Keeps His Calm As Bigots Call Him 'Terrorist'

"What race is Islam? We are the real Australians. Look at this terrorist," one of the men shouted while harassing the Australian politician.

Australian senator Sam Dastyari was ambushed by a group of bigots, who called themselves the nationalist Patriot Blue group, at a Melbourne pub. The men from the far-right group spewed hate with racial slurs while racially profiling Dastyari.

“You terrorist. You little monkey,” one of the bigots can be heard saying in a video uploaded to Patriot Blue’s Facebook page. They kept asking Dastyari if he was a Muslim. “Go back to Iran you terrorist,” said one of them targeting the NSW Labor figure's heritage.

The politician asked the men to stop embarrassing themselves before calling them racist. "What race is Islam? We are the real Australians. Look at this terrorist," said one of the goons.

Dastyari was accompanied by Victorian Labor MP Tim Watts, who interjected and asked the men: "What race is dickhead?" 

The bigots kept harassing the politician for almost four minutes, while he walked from the counter of the pub to his chair.

Nevertheless, Dastyari kept his calm while dealing with the anti-Muslim men.

"Everywhere I go, I get white nationalists following me. They show up at events I do ... And all off this is the rise of the radical right in this country," he explained his ordeal during a talk at Victoria University.

He blamed U.S. President Donald Trump and Australian populist Pauline Hanson for enabling and empowering "white nationalists."

"You dance so far to the right that it gives those a little bit further out a sense of entitlement, a sense of belonging."

"There is a rise in the extreme right and there is a rise of white nationalism and it needs to be called out," he later told ABC Radio Melbourne.

"I'm in public life, there are 15- to 16-year-old kids in the schoolyard copping this kind of racial abuse and they don't have the tools available to handle this."

The senator may take legal action, but before doing so he will consult with his family, he told a media conference.

Dastyari, who is from Iran, said this was a common practice now and that he is regularly harassed by white men.

"They are the sickening face of white nationalists in this country," he told Australia's Nine Network.

"The abuse makes me feel small, makes me feel horrible, it makes you feel kind of terrible and that's what they are designed to do," he said.

He also took the incident to Twitter.


One of the Islamophobe’s was apparently wearing a uniform for Toll, an Australian logistics company.

The company said it would be "investigating" the incident.


Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Carlo Allegri 

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