We Have A ‘Talking Stick’ To Thank For Ending The Government Shutdown

Sen. Susan Collins probably thought the “talking stick” would keep the discussion civilized, until someone threw it and nearly shattered her glass elephant.

A small bipartisan group of senators were finally able to break the stalemate over the recent shutdown and keep the government running for at least the next two weeks. However, they were only able to negotiate and reach an agreement by using a “ceremonial Native American stick” that GOP Sen. Susan Collins brought in, probably hoping it would keep the discussion civilized, according to CNN.

In a scene that must have been reminiscent of the boys using a conch shell to make their opinions heard in the “Lord of the Flies,” the senators reportedly passed around the talking stick, but even that didn’t turn out well after a senator tossed the stick to another but completely missed the mark and accidentally hit a glass elephant figurine – that ironically belonged to Collins and was a gift from Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.

As the Politico reported, Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander was trying to toss the stick to Democratic Sen. Mark Warner but ended up chipping Collin’s office decor.

“There were no injuries, there were a couple close calls but everything worked out fine,” revealed a Republican senator.

However, since the senators apparently couldn’t hold a discussion like adults, Alexander had to bring in a miniature basketball from his own office to continue the negotiations, saying “it’d be safer than a stick,” according to an aide.

“Today, we saw the power of the center in the U.S. Senate,” Collins said, applauding the work of the bipartisan group after the Senate vote on the deal. “Joe [Manchin] and I worked very hard in leading the effort of the Common Sense Coalition — a group of 25 Republicans, Democrats, and Independent Angus King — which proposed the compromise to end the government shutdown.”

While the deal to end the shutdown is being widely perceived as a loss for the Democrats, the internet had a lot to say about this tidbit of information about the “talking stick.”









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